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Upcoming Events

Sure Shot Public Signing - Sam Hauser, Derrick White, and Payton Pritchard
Thursday, December 15, 2022

Past Events

12/5/2022 Sure Shot Public Signing - Matthew Judon
11/6/2022 GBSCC Shriners Card Show
11/5/2022 GBSCC Shriners Card Show
11/4/2022 GBSCC Sports Card Show
8/22/2022 Sure Shot Public Signing - Rafael Devers
8/12/2022 Sure Shot Private Signing - Pedro Martinez
6/4/2022 Sure Shot Signing - Roger Clemens
5/30/2022 Sure Shot Private Signing - Bill Lee
5/20/2022 Sure Shot Private Signing - Rafael Devers
4/2/2022 Meet and Greet - Matthew Slater
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